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Artist Sonal - RS Mehendi Arts

           I am Sonal, Mehendi Artist.  I do all types of Mehendi art like Tatoo Mehendi, Figure Mehendi, Portrait Mehendi, Black Mehendi & Special Bridal Mehendi Packages are also available. Their is lot more.. like Mehendi Workshops, Mehendi Classes..etc.

Please do have a visit  & click below... Byeee. 

 I am available at   +91  881 7828 934 

Nilakshi Saikia, Radart Prime Member

Artist Nilakshi Saikia

I am Nilakshi Saikia from Dibrugarh, Assam. I've spend most of my childhood time with my grandpa and have been engaged with art and painting since then. With time I have realized that colors gives my soul the immense happiness. So i kept on discovering the little artist inside me and here I an today standing as a self taught artist.

Find me here in my website, a lot more to explore.....

  I am available at   +91  970 6642 392

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Artist Avinash Pardhan

Hi friends, 

I am Avinash Pardhan from Indore , M.P. I am a "TRIBAL SKILL ARTIST". I like to work on thoughts to convert it into creative arts I specialize in portraits in charcoal & colored pencil medium. I am also a FREE HAND ARTIST.

You can place your order for free hand sketches for yourself and your loved ones. 

  I am available at - +91 799 9044 854

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Artist Purvi Solanki

Hi friends, 

I am Purvi Solanki from Bhavnagar, Guj.  

Working as freelance artist .Expert Art and Craft teacher in fevicryl hobby ideas, Pidilite industry since 2008. Covering Saurashtra and kutch bhuj territory.

Art is my passion and developed as profession too.My specialty in drystroke, relief work, ceramic, all types of clay work. 

  I am available at  - +91 937 6183 633 

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Artist Ramakrishna Peri

Hi Friends,  

I am Ramakrishna Peri from Hyderabad, Telangana.

  Sri Ramakrishna is a Self-taught artist in painting. In 1960s, inspired by the works of a professional artist in the childhood, he developed interest in art and started drawing and continued his interest till 70s. 

Again in 80s, after acquaintance with a noted landscape artist, attracted towards landscape paintings and  worked constantly and vigorously on landscape painting. 

   I am available at  - +91 944 1381 918  

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Artist Pranay Sharma

Hi Friends,  

I’m Pranay Sharma from Badnawar, MP. 

I’m a self taught artist, who loves to explore the Indian beauty and expresses it through artworks. My versatility in many art forms and mediums has taken me  good levels and appreciation.  

    I am available at  - +91 810 9562 369   

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Babita Hundal (Radart Prime Exhibitor)

Artist Babita Hundal

Hi Friends, 

I am Babita Hundal from Mohali, Punjab.

 I’ve been surprised at how difficult it can be for Artists to introduce themselves as artist. As an artist I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists around us.  

     I am available at  - +91 987 5998 333 

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Artist Priyanka Mehta

HI Friends,

I'm Priyanka Mehta from Mahendragarh, Haryana.

I'm creative artist. I'm also Mehndi design artist/ art and craft / cursive and calligraphy handwriting tutor / wall art/ mandala art / folk art etc. 

Through my pictures, I will always give a good message to the society and give a new look to my work.

I am available t - +91 890 1498 113