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Why should you join Radart?

           Radart community started in 2014 with the name "Art 4m Heart", working with artists & for artists. Radart was launched in 2015, since then we are constantly moving ahead with a bigger & wider vision towards making a better, a more enhanced art culture for artists across globe.

Free & Paid (Prime) Memberships, Super Benefits & Features !

Join Radart for free & stay updated

Join us for free & stay updated

 What you get, if you join us?

  • In this simple (free/unpaid) joining, we will keep you updated with Radart's upcoming events and happenings by means of email or whatsapp or call.

How to join in for FREE? 

  • Very Simple, Just fill up the contact info and click send.
  • Or Whats app your details Profile and chat with us at ' +91 626-3396-628 "

Join Radart as Prime Member

Join us as 'PRIME MEMBER' (paid)

 Eligibility for 'PRIME MEMBERSHIP'

  • Student's of 1st to 12th Std. / Professional & Budding Artists / Art Institute owners & Art Teachers / Anyone who loves ART.

What you get, if you join us as 'PRIME MEMBER'?

  • Online beautifully designed, user friendly, easy yet super dynamic "Self Named Website Page", which can be renewed annually.  (+ SEO 1 month)
  • Upto 15  day VDO advertisement  on Radart Home page.
  • 2 Artwork FREE for DISPLAY in Indian Exhibitions for Membership year.
  • 10% Discount on Artwork Fee in Exhibitions for Membership year.

Benefits of Radart Prime Memberships

Major Benefits of "Prime Memberships"

  • The Best way to have a online Art Webpage, which is best cost effective, easy & user friendly.
  • Your Online Google Presence gets on a very high level and very fast.
  • You become famous across India & World in very less time.
  • All Technical working is done by Radart's Team while you relax at home.
  • You also get to exhibit across Indian Cities and abroad in less cost.
  • You also get high quality & designer canvas direct from Radart at very less cost.
  • Prime Membership is the best and the cheapest way to promote yourself as an artists and sell your arts.
  • ... there are many many more reasons, Ask us!!

Examples of Radart Prime Memberships

Understand with Examples

It's very important to understand completely what you are paying for, so..

Check Examples in Detail:

  1. Student Webpage - Riya Jain
  2. Artist Webpage - Pranay Sharma
  3. Art Institute WebPage - Blue Palette

Once you have seen the Examples, let us explain you the features & advantages, that you will get in your online self named website page.

Membership Fee & Modes of Payment

Membership Fee & Modes of Payment

'PRIME MEMBERSHIP' 1 Year charges is INR 2,450. 

(from 2nd year onwards - yearly renewal of INR 2,000)

(Default on renewal fee will attract Rs. 75 / month)

Modes of Payment

  • G Pay / BHIM / PayTm at   +91 626-3396-628 
  • By Cash Deposit or Account Transfer or Net Banking 

Account Details

 Bank Name: State Bank of India

Account Name: Mayank Anil Vyas

Account No.: 31539247877

Account Bank Address: PLOT NO.1, P.U.-4, NEAR BOMBAY HOSPITAL, RING ROAD, INDORE-452010.

IFSC Code: SBIN0030463

Welcome "PRIME MEMBER", Congratulations !

Welcome "PRIME MEMBER", Congratulations !

Please follow the simple process and your online self named website page will be ready in a weeks time..

  • Send us your beautiful picture for heading list.
  • Send us a small write up about yourself.
  • Send us your art pictures and vdos.
  • Send us your social media links
  • Send us your achievements. 
  • Send us your calendar details.
  • Send us your contact info & blog link.

*You can send the details through an email or whatsapp, whichever is convenient. 

Email: radartindia@gmail.com  /  Whatsapp:  +91 626-3396-628 

Application form for "PRIME MEMBERSHIP"

All you need to do, is take a print out of the application form, fill it completely and send us by email 'radartindia@gmail.com' or whatsapp at '+91 626-3396-628'.

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Who started Radart? - Mayank Vyas

When & Where was it started? - On 9th August, year 2015, Indore.

Radart work for whom?

  • Students of 1st - 12th Std.
  • Artists ( Budding & Professional)
  • Art Institutes / Art Centers / Creative Classes

What all happens at Radart?

  • Art Exhibitions ( National & International)
  • Art Competitions ( Student's & Artists)
  • Art Workshops & Classes
  • Art Websites for all (Very Easy yet dynamic)
  • Art Promotion Online & Google
  • High Media Coverage 
  • Simple & Designer Canvases

Have a question, find here !

About Radart

For Student's (1st - 12th Std.)

For Student's (1st - 12th Std.)

  • What is Radart?
  • Achievements of Radart?
  • Past Exhibitions details?

                  and other questions....

For Student's (1st - 12th Std.)

For Student's (1st - 12th Std.)

For Student's (1st - 12th Std.)

  •  What's special for me? 
  • How are exhibitions done?
  • What Benefits will i get?

                  and  other questions.... 

For Art Institutes

For Student's (1st - 12th Std.)

For Artists (18 years+)

  •  What's special for me? 
  • Do you do online marketing?
  • Do you make websites?

                  and  other questions....

For Artists (18 years+)

For Artists (18 years+)

For Artists (18 years+)

  • What about art sales?
  • How do u promote?
  • What's special for me?

                  and  other questions.... 

For Art Buyers/Lovers

For Artists (18 years+)

For Art Buyers/Lovers

  • What kind of art you looking for?
  • Radart collection of art.
  • Transparent working.

                  and  other questions.... 

General Queries

For Artists (18 years+)

For Art Buyers/Lovers

  • What is Prime Membership? 
  • How i can  join Radart?
  • Do u supply canvas?

                  and  other questions.... 

Art 4m Heart Creative World

A small step...

                  The story of art begins with a simple HAND and walk the lanes of ahmedabad in 2014. Art came in form of a small gallery in Venus Atlantis complex, opposite macdonald's, prahlad nagar. No one knew a name selected, will go on to become a synonym of trust. Somethings happen, just like that. Future wanted me to shift to indore, mp. 

    Life was great! so the emotions to get in art and live a artful life. I started to work on my LINE, LIFE in form of  RADART came into being. 

            "Tools of Creativity once placed in my hand, unleashed the magic" so Odye & redart became an INTEGRAL part of ME. I submit my sincere thanks for making me the one I AM TODAY !!

                                                                                                       GOD BLESS YOU 

"Jai Mata Di"


Director & Founder

Mayank Vyas

        I am really excited to share with you all. Art is Life, Art is Magic.. Art brings out the actual YOU from within, which is pure n clear. I started my journey as a professional carrying on my job in various fields of private sector, but than life changed with Art .

        Art is just not a creativity, it is much much more. A feeling which can't be described in words.  A relaxation beyond words, a soulful life. I wish a great artistic journey to all you their who loves n live art. 

Words that clearly defines the truth,  

                                                          “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso 

Have a blasting life ahead and yes, Radart is always their.

Thank you so much!!

Mayank Vyas

With u hamesha.....

Mayank Vyas, 
   (Director & Founder - Radart.)

Mayank Vyas, 

   (Director & Founder - Radart.)