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"Prime Memberships": Types-Benefits-Features

Features & Benefits:

BENEFITS IN DETAIL (Save approx. 15000-25000 a year with Prime Membership Plans), check it How ?

  1. Webpage cost  is roughly around 4000, domain cost is bet 800 – 3000, technical support and uploading is normally 2000 a year, maintaining all legalities and permissions as government norms is as per schedule. Hence, what we offer is just Rs. 2450 for a well designed and maintained webpage. You save a lot of money if you in Prime Exhibition Webpage’s.
  2. Full social media and Google promotions are done by Radart tech teams which help you a lot to be on top of search engines, their by help you very much in your promotions and artwork sales. It cost you for free with us and outside will cost you minimum 3000-6000 for a year. You save a lot of money if you in social media promotions and networking of art sales.
  3. Free artwork for exhibitions that you get help to recover your paid yearly charges i.e. in Basic plan of 2450 you get 1 artwork free, in Master Plan of 5450 you get 4 artwork free, in Star plan of 9950 you get 8 artwork free. Each artwork of exhibition normally is charged at 1250. So your 50% cost is recovered in Basic, 90% cost is recovered in Master Plan and 110% cost recovered in Star Plan. So almost your webpage, free canvas, Discounts on exhibition charges all adds up to you Profit and Huge Savings.  
  4. Discounts of Exhibitions charges save a lot of money if you exhibit even 4-5 times in a year. Approximately you can easily save 3000-5000 on yearly bases.
  5. Free canvas designer is also being given FREE; we want you to see how our designer canvas range is making waves in India. Highly Durable and long lasting. Its Free and if you wish to order in future, you will get it on wholesale rates, with a discount of up to 30% on a minimum order value of 7500 ( No limit of Maximum order & Advance payment as per policy).



  • Webpage means Prime Exhibition which is online exhibition of Artist. (Click here to see how it looks like)
  • Radart will support in all Technical and functional maintenance of webpage at zero additional cost. 
  • All uploading will be done Radart Tech Team.
  • Your details of Profile, Social Media Links, Contact Info., business info. artworks for sale, photo gallery pictures, videos or any other information will be uploaded or can be changed with latest details as per your requirement by Radart Tech Team.
  • All charges of your sub domain renewals, up gradation; server costs, uploading, and tech support are included in your Yearly Prime Membership Plan.


  • Artists are entitled to FREE Charge on Exhibition for no of artworks mentioned as per Prime Membership Plan.
  • The Maximum size for the FREE artwork is 2x3 Ft. If Size is big than extra fee will be charged depending upon the extra size of artwork.
  • The Free Artwork benefit is neither transferable nor refundable.
  • Artist can choose according to their will in which exhibitions they wish to use the FREE Artwork. 
  • The Total no. of FREE Artworks is/are to be used in 1 year from the date of taking membership.
  • Minimum no of FREE artworks that can be exhibited in any particular Exhibition is 1 and maximum is 3.
  • Free Artwork Given can only be used in Exhibition to be held in INDIA and not abroad. 
  • The Process and Fee structure will be different for Exhibitions happening outside INDIA.

3.  Discounts on Artwork Charges

  • Discounts on artwork fees are given under plans. Artwork Fee is approx 1250 per artwork, but can be increased or decreased as per the gallery charges & venue season charge fluctuations.
  • Maximum no of artworks that can be claimed for discount is restricted to 5 per Exhibition Only. 
  • Free Canvas
  • Free Canvas Designer are very very durable and sturdy. The Frame is Made up of Double ply of 12mm thick Plywood +14mm thick MDF, the combination makes them total tough with no impact of season heat or rains. Lifelong durability, so that your lovely paintings can stay years n years. If you like it, check out the price list we have send it to you and order us more.  
  • Its Free and if you wish to order in future, you will get it on wholesale rates, with a discount of up to 30% on a minimum order value of 7500 ( No limit of Maximum order & Advance payment as per policy).

4.  Slots Available as of now

  • Only LIMITED nos of Prime Memberships will be allotted as of now i.e. Basic-100, Master-75, Star-50 Only. 
  • Prime Membership will be offered to Existing Radart Life Members (Active & Inactive both) than to participants of Radart Physical exhibitions. They will have time till 31st Dec 2018 to accept or reject the offer. 
  • Prime Memberships will be open to all others artists world-wide on 1st January 2019



    *  Prime Memberships are highly economical, reasonable and what you        get is the BEST.  

  **  Upgrade your Existing Prime Membership Plan and Save more Money… 

***  Contact US for any doubt – call/whatsapp/sms on 7748899557. Direct No. ( Mayank Vyas)

* Points to Remember

  • All Prime Exhibitions Plans are of 1 Year Validity and needs to be renewed every year.
  • For Renewal of Prime Exhibitions 1 month Grace period will be given. If one fails to renew it, the webpage will be deleted and making new webpage will attract 1000 Rs. For uploading along with chosen Prime membership plan charges.
  • Prime Membership is neither transferable not refundable.
  • Every Year we plan to do 9-10 International & National Art Exhibitions in different cities. 
  • Our Main aim to Promote Artists & Sell Artworks. 
  • We chose best art gallery having maximum footfalls along with cities having maximum exposure of selling & of great art culture.
  • Details about Art Exhibitions which are to be held outside India will be informed to all from Time to time.  

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