FAQ's : Frequenty Ashed Questions !!

How to join Radart?

Decide what you wish to join in with Radart.  you can see page "Why Choose Radart?"

We are sure you will get what you want.

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How to participate in Physical exhibitions?

If you wish to participate only in physical exhibitions, kindly check calendar on the HOME page and fill up the 'contact us' form

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How to get an online exhibition?

Choose your Prime Exhibition plan that suits you best and we will make your Online Prime Exhibition. 

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Is it compulsory to be a PRIME member to participate in physical exhibitions?

No, it is not compulsory to be a Prime Member to participate in Physical exhibitions, although you get a lot of benefits in Prime Membership Plans.

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What to do if i want to buy only designer canvas?

Just Call Us or Whats app or SMS. 




what benefit i get in physical exhibitions, if i become a Prime Member?

You get a lot of benefits. Just click below 

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What is the difference between a Prime Member and a Prime Exhibitor?

No, there is no difference.  Those you take Prime Membership Plan are called as Prime Exhibitors.

How many Prime Membership Plans are their?

There are 3 types of Prime Membership Plan-

  • Prime Basic
  • Prime Master
  • Prime Star

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How are Prime Artists or Exhibitors promoted?

Prime Members are promoted by following means-

  • Onsite at Radart
  • Google+
  • Facebook Networking
  • Youtube
  • Physical Exhibitions
  • Personal & Professional Contacts.

Is membership fee to be paid 1 time or yearly?

Yearly. All Prime Membership Plans are of Yearly MODE.

Is it compulsory to pay renewals of Membership?

Yes, for which you get 1 month grace period after completion of 1 Year. If you do not pay on time, Rs. 1000 will be charged as penalty. 

How are students benefitted?

Check following ways-

  • Exhibitions at different cities and gallery
  • Interaction with senior artists.
  • Learning platform of various art forms from different parts of India.
  • Social media & networking promotions.


Who are Eligible for Prime Exhibitions?

Any one who loves art !!

What do i do, if i want only Online Exhibitions?

Prime Basic - Membership Plan is for you.

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Why their is Maximum Limit Slot for Prime Memberships?

Because, we have to take proper care of each artist whose responsibility we take up. As of now we have limits set for Prime memberships

How can i Trust Radart?

Kindly click below

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I am a Participant who lost his Brochure & Certificate, now what?

All closed Exhibitions Pictures, Brochure & Certificates will be uploaded on CLOSED EVENTS page. You can check it their. 

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How can i work for Radart?

Please keep checking the JOBS@Radart page for latest updates.

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