Radart High Quality Canvas Range

Radart High Quality Canvas Range

Procedure & Policy


  1. All orders are on advance payment only.
  2. Special Discounts, if their, will be disclosed on final order.
  3. Rates for Prime Members are Different and lower than others.
  4. All rates are most reasonable.
  5. On Orders of Rs. 3000 & above, 50% discount will be given on courier charges.
  6. On Orders of Rs. 7000 & above , 100% discount will be given on courier charges.
  7. Courier will be done either by Transport service or Home Delivery depending upon situation. 
  8. 100% Returns policy is valid only for 3 days upon receival of courier.

Procedure for Order:

  1. Check out all types canvas & designer range too.
  2. List down what all you wish to order.
  3. Total your order as per the rates given.
  4. Call us or whatsapp at  +91 626-3396-628   OR email us at radartindia@gmail.com
  5.  We will update you on your order courier status & details after confirmation of payment being received.
  6. We will also update you when you will receive it  i.e. date & time, 

Canvas Categories

You can also use contact form at HOME Page, Thank You!!