P. Gnaneswhwar Rao

Radart Prime Exhibitor - Shri P. GNANESWHWAR RAO is a well known artist, specializes in Portraits.


Dear Friends, 

I am from Hyderabad, Telangana. My speciality is portraits painting. I am sure you will like my works. 

Thank you !!

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Ramakrishna Peri

Radart Prime Exhibitor - Ramakrishna Peri

Artist Ramkrishna Peri


        I am a Self-taught artist in painting. In 1960s, inspired by the works of a professional artist in the childhood, I developed interest in art and started drawing and continued his interest till 70s. 

         Again in 80s, after acquaintance with a noted landscape artist, attracted towards landscape paintings and  worked constantly and vigorously on landscape painting. The inspiration and motto behind selecting only “landscapes” as subject for painting, is to spread the social message of “Save Greenery and Save Environment”. 

         My website link is given below, i am sure you will like it!!

Thank you !

View my Art Home Website !