Sourabh Nema Exhibition:(see here)

Artist Sourabh Nema-

            ''My name is Sourabh Nema; I am a 30 year old artist from Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh now based in Mumbai, though I studied MFA (Applied art) at Govt. institute of file arts Jabalpur (mp) in 2009. At that time I explored watercolor painting,
Working with water colors has always been my passion. I as an artist find great inspiration in the never ending landscapes of India.

India is a very rich country in terms of diversity. We have the deserts, the Himalayas, beautiful lakes, rivers, villages & cities. In all my travels, I find the landscape to be the most captivating aspect, how it seemingly changes and merges with one another. I try to capture that in my paintings''

Radart wishes you all the very best !!