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About Dr. Kamini Jain

"An artist speaks through their paintings, not by words.“


She painted the world, she carried the universe in her mind & hands. Dr. Kamini Jain who is a MA - PhD. in Economic is a self taught artist, with no professional training in the stream, she paints for passion.


With her intense passion to paint, she brushed at home as a hobby and so she balanced her life beautifully as she painted the canvas.


With her limitless world of colours, she presents to you Chitra Veethi: The Gallery of Art


About Chitra Veethi

We, Chitra Veethi, are extremely passionate about paintings and various art forms. Nurturing a desire to create pure magic on canvas, we have understood various art forms and painting styles developed in India and strive to keep the flame alive regarding these art forms. 

The variety that we offer includes Acrylic on canvas, Canvas Oil Painting, Miniature Painting, Mural, Paper Mache, Madhubani Painting, Warli Painting, Ganpati Painting, Water Colour Painting, Marble Painting, Tanjore Painting and Decorative Table Tops, at affordable prices.
In the year 1999, we ventured in the domain of drawing paintings that were catered domestically and appreciated by a close social circle. Backed by their support and appreciation, we have decided to commercialize our business activity in the arena of painting strokes. 

We welcome our clients to give us their exact needs and offer customization of our paintings on various parameters such as Colour scheme, Finishing, Size and Mélange of paintings offered by Chitra Veethi.

Chitra Veethi - A Gallery of Art



contact: 9930967848


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