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Artist Profile:

          Indrani Banerjee, born 19 th November'1987, is educated in Shantiniketan, now living in Mumbai, India. She is an Art & Craft teacher and a good motivator for students .

 Her Art consists of Fine and Contemporary Art-quality, albeit story telling is her sign off mark. She exhibits her art majorly through the mediums as Oils, Acrylics on canvas. 

Upon looking back on life, she finds that art has, and continues to define who she is. Expressions of the various conflicting facets of life that we see, feel and know, find an outlet in her works. Consequently, she says, all her work is a culmination of her very own thoughts, perceptions and beliefs.

However, she also believes there is no "one" reality, therefore no singularly correct interpretation. In her words : "What you see in my Abstract/ Contemporary Art is a reflection of your own thoughts. It is your perception of the reality that your subconscious mind has uniquely created !"

An after-note about the technical aspect of her work : The nature of her medium being flexible, this makes it possible for her to modify her works in the areas of colour palette and size, which is increasingly being appreciated as it gives the end user a chance to customize.


  • Qualification:
  • BFA, BA


  • Academic details:


  • Viswa-Bharati University, Kala-Bhawan, Shantiniketan,2008
  • Burdwan University,2012
  • Kolkata Sangeet Vidya Vihar,2003



  • Participations:


  • AIWA ( All India women Artists  Annual Art Exhibition)  , Delhi,2016
  • My Art My Passion Contest, organized by Nav-Shri Art n Culture organization,Delhi,2016
  • ARTEX group exhibition, organized by Art of Colors,Kolkata.2016
  • Rad Art All India Painting  Contest Infinity2016,Indore2016
  • Kalanand contest by Prafulla Art Foundation,2016.
  • India Art Award,2016
  • TheArt Walk 360, by Arcil,2016
  • “Art Alchemy “All India Art Competition,by Rad Art,2017
  • Carnaval The Art Exhibition, MSU,Vadodra,by Rad Art,2017
  • Rad Art Diwali festival  All India Art Exhibition, MSU,Vadodara,2017
  • AIWA(All India women Artists contest),Delhi,2017
  • Paint My Thoughts Contest,by Nav Shri Art n Culture Organization,Delhi,2017
  • IEMA,3rd International India Vietnam Art Exhibition,2017
  • Radiance,All India Art Exhibition,Indore,by Rad Art,2017
  • “Nari Pratibimb”Contest,Dainik Bhaskar Patrika, 2017
  • Art fista,All India Art Exhibition,Indore,by Rad Art,2017
  • The Heart of Art International Online Art Contest,2017
  • 27 Art Point,National Online Art Contest,2017
  • KSHITIJ, International Art Contest, 2017
  • Artreion International Online Art Contest, 2017
  • Imprints,All India Artists Calender Hunt by Little India Foundation,2017 -18
  • Goa Expo Art Exhibition, Kala Academy,Goa, by Rad Art,2018



  • Awards:


  • Special Appreation Award in All India Artists Calender Art Contest by Little India Foundation,2018
  • Highly Appreciation Awaed in International Art Compitition by Artreion.2017 -18
  • National Ideal Teacher Award by Student Development Society. Maharashtra.2017
  •  Guru Drona  Award by Rad Art Interiors ,Indore, 2017
  • National Level- Viewer’s  Choice 2nd Award in Art Alchemy,by Rad Art,2017
  •  National Level-Gold Medal in Art Alchemy,by Rad Art, 2016-17
  • National Level - Prime Award in All India Painting Contest,Infinity-2016,by Rad Art
  • Active Teacher Award by  Akhil Bharatiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra , Maharashtra,2016
  • State level - Ankan Gunakar Award, West Bengal, 2003



Contact No:  7498497996



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Medium used: Acrylic on Plywood Size: 48”x 24.
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Size 44 x 48 Inch. Acrylic on Plywood.
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Acrylic on Canvas. Size: 29”x25”
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Size: 18”x24”, Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
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