"Infinity-2016" Competition {see}

CLOSED COMPETITION - INFINITY 2016 & Infinity 1st National Art Exhibition -2016 

Please check all Picture & VDO's Here in links:




Dear all participants, 

                      It gives me immense pleasure to announce the results but first of all, please accept my sincere THANKS for making a huge sucess again. We will do every bit to ensure that we stand up to your level of expectations. 

                      Having said this, I would like to say sorry for the delay in declaring result by 2 days as per my commitment of 20th Oct'2016 but, officially we declared 3 days before as the last date said, for THE RSULT DATE  is 25th, Oct. 




                       This competition was based on different types of MEDIUMS. Approx 500 Participants took part. We have declared results in all the different mediums. Please read Important Points very carefully, so that you do not miss out on any thing. We are always their for help!!

(1). Independance Offer on Registration in Infinity-2016 Competition (FREE Canvas of Rs. 200):


(2). Result of Infinity -2016 All India Art Competition-2016:

A._The 6 Mediums have been categorised as follows:

  1. Arcylic Color - 1st Medium.
  2. Water Color - 2nd Medium.
  3. Oil Color - 3rd Medium.
  4. Charcoal/Graphite/black pencil - 4th Medium.
  5. Color pencil/crayons/pastel/ink - 5th Medium.
  6. Mixed Media - 6th Medium. 


B._The rewards that you see below is detailed as following:

  1. Many of you have got Different Awards for Submitting Artwork in Different mediums, so please check results of all Mediums. 
  2. Awards Trophy: Infinity-Elite Trophy , Infinity-Prime Trophy, Infinity-Unique Trophy.
  3. Awards Cash Prize: Cash Award Money.
  4. Awards Medal: Infinity Gold Medal / Infinity Silver Medal / Infinity Bronze Medal 
  5. Awards Radart Online Exhibitions Packs: Prime Exhibition of 1 Month of Rs. 499 & 1 Year of Rs. 1499. Home Page Pack of Rs. 999 
  6. Awards Radart Canvas: Free Radart Canvas.
  7. Certificates: Exemplary Certificates for Merit Performances and Participation Certificates for ALL Other Participants. 
  8. INVITE: Special Choosen participants are Invited to Participate for FREE in Infinity Group Exhibition to be held on 19th & 20th Nov'2016, in Indore at Pritamlaldua Art Gallery. (All details will be shared seperately through individual mails by 25th Oct,16)


C._Awards Ceremony:

  1. All the winners of Infinity -2016 are cordially invited to attend the Award Ceremony for their Awards. ( All details of schedule will be mailed seperately to every one)
  2. Awards can also be collected from our Indore Office, in case one is unable to attend the same. 


D._Online Display of All Artworks of WINNERS:

  1. We will display the artworks of all the winners, along with their actual photographs of Awards & Awardee, ASAP. 
  2. Artworks of the participants who have got ONLY Participation Certificates will not be displayed.(As Per Rules)


E._Contact Info:

  1. For any queries, please call / what's app on 7748899557(Mayank Vyas) or 9513810696 (Isha Joyce).
  2. You can also write to us at mayank@radart.in or isha.radart@gmail.com